Wedding Seasons

Wedding Seasons

Wedding Season can be year round. Every season has it’s charm, pros & cons and Flowers.

Summer Wedding Flowers:  There’s a flower for every color scheme and it’s in perfect bloom. Keep thinking about that bouquet you’ll be walking down the aisle with, because it’s as perfect as you’re imagining it will be.  

Fall Wedding Flowers:  Bronze, orange, deep purple, reds and greens are all great selections to go with the natural decor surrounding your venue. The nature and color scheme will accent and compliment each other very well.

Winter Wedding Flowers:  When you’re lucky enough that it has snowed and everything is white, any color palette just pops because the world has been neutralized.

Spring Wedding Flowers:   If your dream color palette has always been soft, light and neutral colors, then you are in for a treat. The more colors the merrier in the spring!  

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