About Floral Design
‘De Bloemist’

My name is Nancy and I was born and raised in Ontario by Dutch parents. At the age of 14, I moved to the Netherlands with my parents, brother & sister and lived there for 19 years.

Having biked and worked in the fields of tulips in the Netherlands during my youth, I have always had a passion for flowers. My great grandfather was a flower bulb grower in the Netherlands, so it must be in my blood. I have always been working with flowers, making floral arrangements for my church for over 20 years.

I moved to Kelowna in 1999 with my husband and 2 children and continued to make floral arrangements for my church. I also worked for a local Florist here in Kelowna.

With a Certificate in Floral Design and over 20 years experience working with flowers, I enjoy making custom designed wreaths.

Flowers make people happy and I am thrilled to be a part of making that happen!!

For questions, comments or just to say hi, contact me and see what De Bloemist can do for you!